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A Dutch & German Cooperation Project
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Thank all of you for the great times!


 What is gonna happen when the server goes back up?

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What is gonna happen when the server goes back up? Empty
PostSubject: What is gonna happen when the server goes back up?   What is gonna happen when the server goes back up? EmptyTue May 08, 2012 9:12 am

Hey guys,

its still some days left until our dutchmen would return from Rome, but I can already tell you what is gonna happen with the server once they arrived!

First off, we would meet together and talk about critical stuff that has to be done before the server goes back online, for example about how to deal with future emergencies like this!
After that, we would create the new world and download, install and configure all additional data we need, mostly plugins as you can guess
This can be done while the server is already up, but still, you guys need to wait before we give the go!

Now to the point where you are allowed to join again: What can you do?
While we are working on the starting area, the battlegrounds and other stuff, we want you to work on your own factions, and therefor you will be supplied by us!

The first 4 factions you found will get supplied with tons of useful stuff, including building material and other supplies!

Additional, we will give you access to iron kits! That means you can resupply yourself with iron weapons, armor and tools!

And ofc, you will get your stuff back that you lost at the serverdown (in case you remember what youve lost ;D)

Thats it for now! If you got anything to add or if you want to talk about other stuff concerning the server restart, post it at here:

Stay tuned!
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What is gonna happen when the server goes back up?
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