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 What you need to know about factions

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What you need to know about factions Empty
PostSubject: What you need to know about factions   What you need to know about factions EmptyFri May 11, 2012 11:09 pm

Hey guys!

Factions are the key element of our server, so I decided to give you a little tutorial, explaining the use of factions to you as well as the commands you need to run in order to run a faction!

What is Factions?
Factions is a nice plugin which makes it possible for anyone to found a faction!
It offers you a grief protection against other players!
And what is most important: You can ally with other factions, or even go to war against them!
(Other stuff you can do will be explained in the tutorial below!)

Remember: In order to found a faction, you need to have at least 3 people!

Tutorial - Your first faction
So, you want to found a faction but got no idea how to? Then read carefully now, and you will be good to go!

Getting started
Search for a good spot to found your faction. If you arrived there, type /f create <Tag> (Tag = faction name!)
Remember: Before you found a faction, make sure to have at least another friend with you! 1p factions will be deleted frequently!
Your faction is founded! Congratulations!
However, you still need to configure your faction, invite friends, expand it and everything else!

The second thing you need to do is to describe your faction by /f desc <description>; this description will be showing up anytime you enter your territory

Inviting players
Now, its time to let your friends join the faction!
To do so, type /f invite <player>; the player then needs to do /f join <Tag> to join (if you want to kick a player again, type /f kick <player>!)

Remember that there are three ranks in a faction:
The normal member is a common faction member, but got no access to important commands
The Moderator (*) got access to much more functions than a normal member
The Administrator (**) is the faction leader, he got control over all commands

If you want a player to become a moderator, type /f mod <player>
If you want a player to become the faction leader, type /f admin <player>
(!Only one can be the faction leader, so you will then be downgraded to a moderator!)

Expanding your faction
You should now have some guys in your faction; however, you got no territory yet...
If you want to claim ground for your faction, type /f claim (Remember that your faction must at least have 3 members so you can start claiming!)
You now got one chunk (16x16 blocks) claimed for the faction!
If you want to claim land even faster, type /f autoclaim! Now, you automatically claim land for your faction just by walking over other chunks! (to deactivate autoclaiming, type /f autoclaim again!)

You cant claim unlimited land! Remember that every player got power, a resource which is important when you want to claim much land for your faction!

A little example:
Faction "A" got 3 people and wants to claim land; normally, each player got 10 power, so that means faction "A" can claim 30 chunks in total (3 people * 10 power = 30 chunks)
Unfortunately, one of the 3 guys was hugged by a creeper and died! That means he loses power!
So eventually, he needs to regenerate this power so that you get back to full strength!

You can always show your power by typing /f power

The Map
Claiming land can become confusing, because you cant always recognize exact borders
A nice tool which makes this job easier is the map! Type in /f map to take a look at the map
In the top left corner, you can see the a compass which shows you the different directions

Also, there are some other symbols:
- : This shows you a neutral chunk of wilderness
+ : This shows you the point where you are standing on
/ \ : These slashes show you territories of your and other factions

As soon as youve learned to read the map, it should be way easier to get a good overview of your territory!

Alliances and Warfare
Now comes the fun part! You can cooperate with other factions, stay neutral to them or declare war!

First off, get an overview about the already exisiting factions by typing /f list!

In order to ally with a faction, type /f ally <Faction>; as soon as the other faction agreeds to that, you become allies!
You can chat with players of your alliance by typing /f chat
(if you type /f chat again, you are in your own faction chat; if you type /f chat a third time, youre back in the public chat)

If you want to become neutral to a faction, type /f neutral <Faction>

If you want to declare war, type /f enemy <Faction>
(A note to war: Remember that defending players get less damage inside their faction, so make sure that you attack with a superiority!)

So! Thats the most things you need to know to run a good faction!
If you need any further information, type /f help

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Posts : 93
Join date : 2012-04-24
Age : 30
Location : Germany

What you need to know about factions Empty
PostSubject: Re: What you need to know about factions   What you need to know about factions EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 2:22 am

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What you need to know about factions
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