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A Dutch & German Cooperation Project
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Thank all of you for the great times!


 The End of the Tale...and a fresh start for a new one!

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The End of the Tale...and a fresh start for a new one! Empty
PostSubject: The End of the Tale...and a fresh start for a new one!   The End of the Tale...and a fresh start for a new one! EmptyFri Jul 13, 2012 7:18 am

Hey guys!

What follows next will be surprising as well as confusing for some of you, so listen up and read carefully!

The server went quite good in the first place, we learned how PvP at its finest has to look like and we had a great time with you ppl!
But everything must end sooner or later, and unfortunately, our very journey ends in the next days...

The server will shut down soon and I have to admit that we didnt plan to let it happen now, but since things got worse in the last weeks, we decided today on how to proceed!

Its not because of the money! I am not in financial problems and stuff xD
But paying for a project that just doesnt kick ass anymore, its nonsense seriously!
And since we are only hosting a server which exists to entertain ppl, its the only rational decision to shut it down when its just no fun for us anymore!

Imho, the staff and the active players did their very best to make the server awesomesauce, and we appreciate that! BROFIST for you! Cool

But there are also the dudes who just log in to cause problems and give us the creeps, and if these get the upper hand and even make other new ppl quit before they got a chance to experience the real server...we cant really change it, its just bullsh*t

We dont yield to them! We just accept that a Hardcore PvP Server might not be the best way to build up an awesome community like we always wanted...

...and what we still do! Just because the server will close soon (Ill let it run until the end of next week or even longer if you want!) doesnt mean we give up the community itself!

You always can contact us via the forums or ingame if you like!

And since we also got other plans for the future already, you are invited to become part of them too!

Whatever you do, stay awesome because that is what matters Razz

So long
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The End of the Tale...and a fresh start for a new one!
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